While I was at home last weekend, I can't help but notice that our angel collection is already growing. I remember that I started collecting angel figurines when I was still in college. Back then, I would buy anything 'angel' that I would fancy, which means that the angel should have a well-structured face. Something that will speak of itself, an angelic angel. Then my sister started buying too, then there were already friends giving angels as gifts during special occasions. Now, our cabinet is filled with angel figurines. Angels of various sizes and forms. Aside from figurines, there are also candles and cross-stitch angel designs.

Having a collection of things does not come cheap. One time when G and I went to Greenhills, we chance upon the antique sellers in one area. Among these items, the thing that I got curious was the rare coin collections. I like the evolution of the coins from way back during the Spanish times. Today, these coins are not just collections but it also serve as investments to some. If you are interested, you should check on Monaco Rare Coin. This is a part of the Monex companies which is known for the hard asset investments that it offer. If you need a particular coin to complete your collection, they can look for it. It has been in the industry for quite sometime that it has created a name for itself
already. If I have enough budget, I will surely try this type of investment. Not only can I enjoy the things that I like, I also get to invest my money for my family's future.

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