big C

I never knew that it runs into our family until now... my grandfather's sister was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer. Lola Loring as we fondly call her is the elder sister of our tatang. She is like our 'inang baket' but only the more affectionate version. Whenever she sees us, she'd kiss and hug us (to the max, the way grandmothers does... yung parang inaamoy muna style).

I heard of her situation when we were in Baguio and mommy phoned daddy to inform him that she is having attacks. Dad told me that she was already diagnosed of her illness. As much as everyone (the whole family, her children and my tatang's children) wanted her to undergo surgery, she is just too old for it. The doctors informed the family that she is already within the critical stage and that she has less than 6 months to live... I cannot express how saddened I am with the situation. I love her as much as I loved my 'inang' and I don't want her to go yet... but with the pain that she is currently experiencing, I can no longer decide which is better or best for her... I just pray that she'd be spared of the pain...

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