yen's QOTW

I am late as usual :) but it's always better to be late than never :D

Here are the questions for this week
1. Have you ever had a summer romance? Care to share? - When I think of summer romance, I think of my childhood romance. It's a lovestory that happens only during summers. Once I get back to school, I forget about it... but during summers, I make the best out of it (naks, magkarhyme pa talaga :p)
2. Do you believe in love at first sight? - Nope, but I never forgot the first time I saw G. When I look back at our first EB (we were textmates, di ba), I can still clearly remember what he was wearing and how he looked like. He is the only person that I had this clear picture of, with regards to our first meeting.
3. ‘You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without.’ What do you think of this quote? - I agree with this. Now pa lang, when I am thinking of how life is without G, parang I won't be able to survive it. I married him with the idea that we will live until the end of time. That is my other half and that I will not function at all without him.
4. Where does true beauty lie? On the inside or on the outside? - It is better if both inside out ang beauty... but as per beauty pagents, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Outside beauty doesn't matter when your heart is full of hatred.
5. Did you ever had a crush on a classmate or teacher? Who was it? - schoolmates, marami :) classmate, wala... I was one of the boys kaya its like eww... if I get to have crush on anyone of them. teacher, nung college... trigo teacher ko yun. I was super (inspired) nagpapapansin pla kaya I got 1.5 sa class nya *blush*
6. Summer wear….shorts or capris? - shorts... summer is the time to flaunt the legs
7. Would you ride a roller coaster or sky dive? - sky dive with someone guiding but if for the initial jump I have to do it alone, I'll just ride the roller coaster na lang
8. Last stupid thing you have done? - memory lapse, I can't think of any right now :)
9. Any summer plans? Trips, vacations and etc. Where? - I wish... to go to the beach or anywhere near the water. Definitely, I'm going to Baguio on the 13th for a week-long vacation (so sad lang hindi kasama si G)
10. In one word, define yourself! - bored!!! I'm so bored today... I have nothing to do...

*I'm so glad I was able to make habol pa. I like this week's questions... kakakilig yung first parts :D


Jacq said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Happy Thursday!

abieco said...

"Outside beauty doesn't matter when yur heart is full of hatred."

I love this line - pang beaty pageant but it's so true!

ZJ said...

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mari said...

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