what's next

After acquiring our house, our next target is to have our own car. I don't know anything about cars so I let G decide on this matter. For me, as long as it is comfortable and free from worries and hassles, I can take in any type. He suggested that we consider Ford cars. He said that he saw one from the newspaper that is really within our budget. He is considering a second hand Ford so that it won’t take too much of our budget. He further said that he is already familiar with how Ford works because they used to have one before. Aside from these, there are also several sites in the internet where he can find Ford Radiator and other spare parts in case problem occurs in the future. He is confident that everything will turn out well if we choose to buy a Ford car soon. So what else can I say? He's totally into Ford and that 's what we will soon have .


juliana said...

hi! mari

ammok nga paid post daytoy, but I want to share my knowledge about cars. saan nga ford, sakit ti ulo ti gatangem. isu nga ditoy ngarud, saan nga nangina as comapared to competition, kasi alisto nga agperdi. almost amin nga american cars, napintas nga kitaen ken luganan ngem saan nga well made.

ilokano ha tapno awan makaawat nga sabali haha.

mari said...

noted manang :)
awan talaga iti ammok iti lugan. basta agtugawak lang mapanen. madik tupay mausar iti lisensyak ta mabutengak nga agdrive :)

AiDiSan said...

Hi Mari,

My & my hubby are still in the process of saving for our dream house but hopefully within this year, we'll be able to put it to reality.

I'm happy that you already have a house you can call your own and now working on your second goal...galing naman.