wedding bells... finally

This is what we all said when my 'manang' (an Ilocano term for elder sister) announced that she's getting married this year :) We were all relieved that she is not going to be an old-maid. As you see, manang is already turning 34 this year which makes us worry about her biological clock.

Since everyone was excited for her, we all volunteered to help her in her preparations. Being the closest cousin to her and since we share the same tastes on almost everything, I will be responsible in searching for Wedding Ideas that suit her motif and theme (as long as she gets to pay for it). Being online most of the time, makes my chore easier. One of my best sources for the ideas is weddingchannel.com (it used to be my bestfriend when I was preparing for my own wedding). It has everything that I need, it is so useful that even if I don’t check on other sites I am assured that everything is covered. It is an all-in-one site... truly a bride's haven.

I was able to search for the possible designs of entourage's gowns already, my next assignment is to check on the invites and souvenirs. I am looking for something that will blend well with their navy blue and silver motif...

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