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March is the start of summer, this also marks the season when you need to go out and enjoy the beach and the waters. I love summer, I love the beach and I love vacations. I love it better when we go for a land trip because I get to see more places along the way. I enjoy views, especially when I get to go down and feel the beach or when I get to eat at every restaurant that we pass by.

One of my dream vacations is a trip to Pagudpod. If I am coming from San Pedro, that will be more than 10 hours of travel (I guess), but if I am coming from Isabela that will only be around 5 to 6 hours trip. The only thing that is stopping us from going is the route that we should take. I have been trying to search for someone who had blog for GPS vehicle tracking so that I can check the possible site which offers a GPS mapping system. I believe that if ever we have this system; it will be easier for us to track the best possible road that we should take. It can also alert us of any problem that we might encounter in the road. I envy those who are in the US and in Canada because they can avail of the GPS Insight vehicle tracking system that can guide them in their everyday travel. The system is updated every 2 minutes to verify your vehicles’ location.

From what I know, these are usually offered to companies which have to keep tract of their vehicles’ location. Aside from it is a good navigator, this is very beneficial for a company since the system can also provide for the fuel consumption, vehicle performance and even speed violations. It also has a landmark activity and notes on geofence violation. Because of these, the companies can now verify the activities of their employees and their vehicles as well. This can help them save on fuel and unnecessary labor pay for employees caught gallivanting during working hours. With a minimum cost of about $1.50 - $2 per day, the company will surely earn more and help more employees…

For now I think this will be more of a wishful thinking for me because I still don’t know if this system is already available here in the Philippines. If ever it thus, I think I have to start reading about GPS Insight support wiki for customers already so that I can make use of the features fully.

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