tiring monday

Yesterday, we went to LTO to apply for a G's driver's license. We got there at around 9:30 am and finished by 3:00pm...

here are some things that I noticed with the LTO system...
* they do not have an effective system. it takes them several minutes to receive application forms
* you have to wait for a long time because they do not have enough people (or if they do have enough people, there were not enough people doing their jobs)
- when there is a queue for picture taking for the renewals, the line for 'new license' have to wait. this is despite the fact that there are 2 picture takers seating down...
* when paying for the amount due, you will still have to wait for your name to be called. the manang was so rude :)

here are some of our suggestions which we were supposed to write down for the suggestion box, but we ran out of forms
* they should use a more decent number system. instead of the 1x1 piece of paper where they wrote the number (later on, we found out that it was useless din naman because they will call your name and not your number), they can use cardboard numbers, which can be recycled. the number will serve as their reference number throughout the transaction.
* if they have enough budget, they can also use the number system which is being used in banks and other establishments.
* in order to minimize people inside the waiting area, they should not let the fixers come in... there were a couple of fixers that we heard talking to applicants...
* they should employ younger employees with good manners... older employees tend to be more masungit and mainitin ang ulo... feeling nila they are the boss!

these people are their clients that need to be served... sabi nga sa customer service, the customers are always right!

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