There are times when I feel homesick. These are instances when I feel so alone (usually when G is out working), when I read my mom's text messages or I hear her voice or simply when I miss the things that I grew up with. It is not easy living away from what you get used to... hay... I don't want to be emotional but here I am writing about it :D

If I feel this way, I bet my sister feels worst. She's in Saudi right now, working as a Medtech in one of the hospitals there. I know how she feels so I always text her :) She said that she could have just stayed here with us, if she knew that it was that difficult to be far from home... but she'd got to learn right? I still think that it was one of her best decisions. It made her more mature and more responsible for her actions. I know that she'll overcome her homesickness. She has work to keep her busy and she has friends who will keep her company. She has to read this... and I hope she smiles...

Sissy, I miss you too... I hope you stay strong, you'll be home before you know it :)

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happy said...

that made me emotional as well. i'm getting married soon and i'm sure that it would somehow have an effect on my close relationship with my family.

AiDiSan said...

Hi Mari,

While reading your post, I suddenly remembered my husband. I wonder kung na ho homesick pa din sya, I always pray that he has overcome homesickness and everytime we talk on the phone, I always tell him to go out with his boardmates & enjoy especially during his day off para di nya kami masyado ma miss.

Marsha said...

There's no place like home!

Good luck on conceiving!

mari said...

@happy! thanks for dropping by :) yup, there will be instances that you will miss home but you have to move on din naman. kaya natin yan! :)

@aidisan: i was an OFW before and i know how it feels to be away from home... for me naman, i was sadder when i go out kasi i tend to think na sana my family was there to enjoy the sights :)

@marsha: thanks for dropping by :)