flowers for graduation

March is the season for graduation. Definitely, flowers will again be overflowing on these days. Every graduate will receive a bouquet, a corsage or a lei of flowers coming from their friends and relatives. I, for one will buy bouquets for my 2 cousins. They will be graduating from college and they will surely expect one coming from us. Aside from them, I'd also love to give flowers for my college friends. These are the 'kids' that I met in Baguio and became my friends. I just wish that I can also order from fiftyflowers.com. This is an online florist that offers wholesale prices for flowers that are bought in bulk. This is the shop where my friend ordered wholesale calla lilies for her weddings. She also bought roses and gerberas which she used for her centerpieces. I like to try their services because they only offer the best flowers from their farms. They immediately shipped their flowers after they cut and prepare it for shipping. It is usually sent through FedEx, another reliable supplier. Aside from the quality, it is also guaranteed that they offer cheap prices for their flowers because they no longer have middlemen to sell their flowers. With my budget, I can still buy gifts for my cousins and friends... something that they can cherish even if they are also working and making names on their chosen careers.

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