Counting my BLESSINGS throughout my 31 year of existence

1. wonderful family: my daddy Mar, my mommy Au, siblings: ace, elong, lon & mark
2. great husband: G
3. true friends: a lot of them
4. new friends: mostly online bloggers
5. opportunities: paid blogging and online works
6. good healthy body
7. peaceful and sound mind
8. shelter (future own house)
9. nutritious 3x a day meals, snacks on the side
10. small business that adds to everyday income
11. health card in times of emergency (and not so emergency cases as well)
12. friendly OB,secretaries and laboratory technicians
13. my 'inaanak' EJ, who is learning to text and greet me on my birthday
14. sisses and brothers from SFC community who still remembers my bday
15. supportive in-laws (though some of them lang ;p)
16. neighbors who drops by to say hi
17. sun shining, on time for summer
18. internet connection which helps me connect to the outside world
19. television and newspapers which entertain me when i am not in front of the pc
20. friendster site, where i get connected with old friends
21. the trials and challenges that come my way, which makes me a better person
22. mareng hazel & mareng Marie... for being by newest kumares
23. poochie, jappie & brunnie... our dogs
24. ate nimfa and family, for being a part of my new family
25. MJ, my niece whom I love so much...
26. sheng, my all-in-one buddy
27. the gift of life, love and forgiveness
28. the material blessings (at some times, its overflowing, on other times, it just right)
29. the gift of knowledge and talent
30. my future baby, fellow TTCers... who inspires me to hope and to believe
31. Father God, for providing all these blessings

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