Is there a problem with blog rating and ranking again? I just checked my blog's worth and when I clicked for the result, I found out that it went down to $0.00...

As of January 2, 2008 (this was the last time that I checked my blog's worth) it was already $33,307.86. I know that it's not really that big deal because nobody would want to buy a blog like mine ;) ...but I'm just worried that it might mean that my alexa score (as if I knew what this mean too) went down or am I penalized for paid blogging?

ano ba talaga ito??? I hope somebody can explain this to me... i was hoping that there was a mistake with my url or that the system was just having some problems but when I tried my new blog, it was already worth $2,+++.++

waahhh!!!! pano na ang mga opps??? will I still be able to receive any? I hope naman, I'm just starting to receive money from it... please please...

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