two sides of the story

While waiting for my long lost friend, Lourdes I stayed in National Bookstore to look for a Didache which I am supposed to send to my sister. On the way to the religious books, I saw a lady who was browsing through the books for sale. She was so engrossed with the romantic novel that she was reading. I don't know with whom she was talking but while reading the book, she was repeating the words 'eto ba talaga ang presyo nito?' Maybe she was talking about the sale price?

Anyway, I tried looking at the books too. Since I really plan to buy a novel, I tried to look for books that might interest me. Then I saw this fairy tale book of Snow White. What caught my
attention was the 'subtitle' which is My Side of the Story. When I opened the book, I saw the usual story of Snow White which was about how she survived her wicked step-mother and lived with the 7 dwarfs, etc. When I was about to return the book to the table, I saw that there was more to it. When you turn the book, starting from the back portion, you will see the story according to the wicked stepmother. From what I understood, the stepmother was just keeping up with what was expected from her. She was just an ordinary stepmother but since all stepmothers are 'supposedly' wicked, she was typecasts as one.

I was laughing at the portion where she caught Snow White eating a piece of cake. According to Snow White, when her stepmother saw her eating the delicious cake, she was reprimanded. The stepmother told her that she should not eat it, instead she should just settle with bread. When I read the version of the stepmother, she stated that she did get angry at Snow White when she saw her eating the cake, not because she doesn't want her to have the cake but because she was concern that she might eat too much that it can affect her teeth (or something). Cake is not good for little girls...

As much as I wasn't to finish the book, I wasn't able to do it because my friend already arrived. I thought of buying the book but it still costs P200.++. Though I don't have a copy of the book, it will always remind me that there are always 2 sides in every story. The version depends on who is talking and that version will always cover for good of whoever is saying it.

There are even times when you hear the words, there are not just 2 but 3 versions of every story. Your story, the other person's story and the truth... which I believe is also true.

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