ttc update

The thing is, there is no update at all :) We are ttcing naturally for this month and maybe for the next 3 months more. We haven't move to the next step yet. We just feel that we need to relax first. Our next step, if ever is to attend the Obando Festival on May. We have been planning to attend this event but it always end up on a weekday. This year, May 17 falls on a Saturday, which means that we don't have any reason not to attend (unless G will have an OT or seminar on that day). We thought of going there earlier, meaning we will go there Friday pa lang. Is there a hotel or anything that we can stay kaya? Where can I search for the day's activity/schedule? Do they have a site? If ever one of you knows anything about this, please tell me naman. We are really decided to go...

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