tagged by sujee :)

Thanks for this Sujee :)

Here are my answers:
1. Today I feel very--- tensed!!! I still have to make up for the opps that are expiring tomorrow
2. I enjoy --- writing about anything that I can think of
3. I am unhappy when ---
I cannot do anything productive, whether it is at home or work
4. I feel good when ---
G feels good. When he is in good health, makulit and madaldal.
5. I wish my boss --- will give me more workload :p (wish she gets to read this... keeping my fingers crossed... hehehe)
6. My officemates think --- I don't exist. We don't know each other actually because we don't interact with each other
7. My work area is --- moved back to the 'business' room. I need to finish work within specific time because I can't stay out late
8. I enjoy reading about ---
anything under the sun. I can stay in one corner and read about anything.
9. I like myself best when ---
I see my husband happy. I know that I am doing a good job taking care of him.
10. If I had a choice I would ---
like to celebrate by birthday with my family, at our home in Isabela
11. I wish --- our prayers will be answered ASAP... if pwede tomorrow na, the better!
12. Tomorrow I would like to --- finish all my opps... and that I have more opps :) please please please (sensya na, I need additional moolah for future days)

Since you've learned a little about me, I'd like to pass this tag to: chat and tracy

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CHAT said...

sis thanks for tagging me, done na with this tag.