stay safe

Have you ever experienced having to finish a lot of work and when you are about to finish, your computer suddenly switch off? And when you check try to reboot it, nothing happens? This has happened to me for many times already... and I always end up blaming it to the viruses and malwares that infect my pc. Good thing I have an on-call technician who is always available 24/7 (that's my hubby). He has been telling me that we should have anti-virus software that can help us avoid circumstances like this. He said that while he was browsing the web, he saw an article that Secure Content Solutions recommends Sophos. He said that this is better compared to its other counterparts, which we are using now. Aside from that, Sophos have a 24/7 customer support that we can call if ever we experience another problem. In some ways, I believe hubby because this is his line of work. He also observed that the more famous anti-virus are not that effective these days... so they are also recommending their clients to use Sophos in place of their former anti-virus software.

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