panagbenga 2008

Me and my mom were scheduled to visit Baguio for the Flowerfest but since I got sick, I was not able to go. Just as expected, there were a large number of visitors who were not able to stay in their preferred hotels because they were not able to have their reservations before hand. This scenario is very common not only during the Panagbenga but also during the Holy Week, which is another peak season for the hotels in Baguio.

This is one thing that I learned as I was browsing the Internet. I found out that if you are already decided to visit a particular place at a certain time, you should reserve your accommodation as early as you could. You can choose the best room that will suit your budget. You can also avail of hotel discounts if you reserve earlier or if you are with a group. One of the best sites that you can check is Hotel Reservations.com. You can avail of the different accommodations in every part of the world. It is easier to avail of their services since it is online and they also have a 24/7 customer service representative who is always ready to answer your inquiries. In addition to this, they also offer the lowest guaranteed rates on the Internet. You can also avail of their rebates once you choose to reserve to them.

This coming May, my mom and I might attend a cousin’s wedding which is going to be held in Singapore. As early as now, I am already checking the list of the possible hotels that we could stay in. With the help of Hotel Reservations.com, I am sure that I will be able to find the place that will suit our budget. Somewhere that is within the central business area and at the same time, somewhere that is also near the city attractions.

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