more on safety

While we were having our lunch a while ago, MIL informed us that a burglar went inside the house of one of our neighbors. The thief got the owner's cellular phones, jewelries and his wallet. Dennis was so devastated because all his identification cards are on his wallet. He has been very careful with his wallet whenever he goes out but only to find out that he'd lose it inside his house, under his nose. Tomorrow, instead of going to his work, he had to process his documents first to be able to get new sets of identification cards and credit/debit cards as well.

If he only read my post last January about LifeLock and LifeLock Promo code, he should have been spared from a lot of trouble. If only he took the chance and availed of the LifeLock code, then he won't also need to take a leave from work because the company would be the one in-charge in fixing his papers, as well as notifying the credit card companies about the lost. He would just have to wait for the new sets of identification cards and credit cards right at his doorstep. I told MIL that she should tell Dennis about LifeLock and tell him to avail of the LifeLock promotion codes while it is still offered.

Safety should always be a priority in life.

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