I haven't been writing for some days now... I even had black valentine's day... the reason, chicken pox. At my age, i only had it now. A day before Valentine's day. I was already feeling malaise and fatigue last Monday. I felt that there was something wrong with my body. Tuesday was the same, I was cannot think well and have a hard time concentrating with work. Last Wednesday, I noticed that there's something growing on my body. I had it confirmed when the doctor told it so... I had to rest early Wednesday night because I still felt too tired . The next day, everything else started to come out. I had most of 'it' on my face...huhuhu... Since it is an infectious disease, I had to stay inside our room. I had no access to the computer which is found outside in our small office room. There is no way for me to move it inside our room. I watched television and slept the whole day. That was already the 14th, Valentine's Day. Hubby arrived early but was too tired to transfer the desktop. He did brought home flowers and goodies for me. The sad part was that I didn't get to kiss or hug him. He might get infected or something... besides my face was too 'ugly'... huhuhu...

Finally, today, I already have the pc inside the room and running. It makes me feel better now. At least, I get the chance to write and forget about this thing that's growing on my body. I just hope that this disappears fast... I won't be able to go to Baguio for Panagbenga already :( I don't want the kids to have 'bulutong'.

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My World said...

So sorry to hear about this Mari. It must be tough to have this lalo na when one is older. Ako din, I haven't had it all my life.

Hope you're feeling better now.