meeting an old friend

After 1990 earthquake, I wasn't able to see my friend Lourdes again... until today.

Lourdes is one of my best buddies during my elementary days in SLU, then again when I transferred back to Girls' High in highschool. We were always together then, sharing whatever we have with each other. I remember one time, she was the one who fought with our classmate who was fighting against me (she's more 'palaban' than I am) while I was at her back. During our first year in highschool, we were again classmates and seat mates. We were seated at the back of the room, making fun of our classmates :p

The last time I saw her was on July 16, 1990. That was the day when the dreadful earthquake happened in Baguio. Classes were suspended for more than one month because of the city's situation. Several days after the event, my dad fetch me already. I went back to Isabela and continued my schooling there.

I went back to Baguio again on my college days. That gave me the chance to reunite with my former classmates. I wasn't able to find Lourdes again. I didn't know where she transferred or if she survived the earthquake too... but thanks to friendster (another success story :), she was able to contact me. She searched for me and sent me an email. The next day, we were talking in YM already... that was fourth quarter last year already.

Finally today, we got to meet. She was out from her work by 5:00pm while I was on my way to Festival at about 4:30pm (we were to meet at 6:00). We met before 6 and had a chat till 8. G also dropped by to pick me up before we head to the grocery. Meeting her was one of my accomplishments this month. We may not talk that much but we promised that we'd see each other again. We even planned of going to Baguio and have a reunion with our barkada there...

sorry, there's no picture to share :) I forgot to take one, as we started talking the moment we saw each other :D

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