job hunting

G feels that he is not growing, in terms of experience, with his current job. This is aside from the fact that he is overwork and underpaid for it. With his work status and responsibilities, he should have been promoted ages ago. Because of this, he has been checking for job sites where he can find better employment. This time, he wants to try working abroad. He has been checking on NY jobs blog because this site has helped a lot of people already. It has been in the business since 1967 and since then they have made their name in the recruiting field. They make sure that there clients, the companies, get the best applicants for the positions that they are looking for. They screen each candidate/applicant, base on their knowledge, skill and experiences, to find out which field they excel. They accept applicants on fields like communications and technology where G’s qualified. They fill positions from middle to executive positions, as well as up to the top ‘C’ level management. With their great record, I hope that they will be able to find G a better work. In case G finds good result on this, I might also try their services. I don’t want to be left behind while G is out there working alone.

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