increase traffic in your blog

If there's one thing that makes me envious of other bloggers is their ability to draw traffic in their site. There are some sites that I visit that receive more than 100 visitors per day and there are times when I’ve seen that there are 8 bloggers reading the site at one time. So I asked how did they do that, did they advertise somewhere or do they hold raffle for frequent visitors, etc? A blogger friend answered that she joined a group wherein it features the blogs of the members. She joined Buzzfuse and it helped her a lot. She chose her favorite article and it represented her to the group. There is also a chance for you to post article that you wrote for Payperpost to increase the number of individuals who read it. She said that joining is easy. You will just have to register in their site and an email will be sent to you to confirm your application. It is also free. So what are we waiting for? Let's join her and be a part of buzzfuse.com. We have nothing to lose, instead we have more to gain.

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