friendship award

Thanks Mareng Thet for offering me true friendship... I promise to give it to you as well, kahit pa hindi pa tayo ngkikita ng personal ramdam kong true ka-march kita :)

Friendship Day is a special day...
It is a special t
ime when you can tell your friends
how much you appreciate them and
show them how happy and
thankful you are to have them...
Well, it is the best to let them know how you feel everyday...
A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway!!!

I'm sharing this too... its for Berns and Trinity

On the other hand, these ladies,
Anna and Arlene, think that I deserve the Sexiest Body Award.
I felt guilty not taking care of my body as I did before so I started my sit-ups again today :)
I need to do something to deserve this award. Thank you friends :D

I'm also sharing this award to the following ladies
Mec, ate Marie and Sarah

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