$500 opp

Have you seen this opp? Ever since Tuesday's $1K (tama ba?:) was brought back, I have been trying to get an opp. Last Wednesday, around 8am I tried to check if I can get any opp from PPP. Then I saw this opp. It was still gray with 0 votes so I waited for it to turn white... as I refreshed the site, I saw it turned white so I tried grabbing it. Lo and behold, the circle mark was so slow. It took more than 1 minute to read... then there's this red notes stating that all posts are reserved already... grrr!!! I was so frustrated. All the while, I thought makakabawi na PPP to me since I haven't been getting any opps from them. I guess luck was not with me that time (kelan kaya?!) Hay... nakakalungkot... but life has moved on. I'll try again next week, the same time I guess. Because last wednesday, the $500 opp also showed up around 8am that time...

Try your luck din! If you happen to be online by that time, you might as well try. Who knows, it might be your lucky day :)

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