update on my eon card

I wasn't able to get my eon card! Yun na... the last time I posted about my application, I already received an email stating that after 3 working days I can already get my card. I forgot which bank it was so I sent an email to the customer service. I waited for few days but I didn't receive any reply. I tried calling their call center but it was always busy. So I decided not to claim it anymore.

On the other side, when I was waiting for the reply from the customer service I also applied for G's eon card. Before we went for our Christmas vacation, he received the email that he can already claim it after 3 working days. Since we were in Isabela then, he decided to just get it on the first week of January. When he claimed his card at ATC Union Bank, he paid for the annual P350 fee and also deposited an additional P200 to keep his account activated. When he got home, I verified his card online and just a while ago I had it activated already (that was after 48 hours of waiting). After activating it, I logged on to his paypal account and had his account verified. I'll just wait for 3 to 4 more working days before he requests for his activation number. Hopefully by next next week, we can already withdraw my money from Paypal and buy his Christmas gift :) Sa sobrang tagal ng transaction, baka maging Valentine's gift pa yun... sabi nga, better late than never :) umokay naman sya eh!!! mabuti na lang mabait talaga hubby ko...

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