your blog is a treasure award

I received another award from Kitts! Love talaga kita sis :) you never forget to include me in your list whenever you have something to share... mwahh!!!

I started blogging, real blogging in October 2007. Prior to this, I just blog from time to time whenever I just feel like it. But when I started exchanging links, yun na... I also started having online friends as well. Everyday was better since I look forward to the updates written by my buddies.

now I'm passing this award to my online buddies... for always dropping by my site and encouraging me to move on and look at the better and happier aspect of life.

to... arlene, kathy, eds, nancy, sarah, mec, julai, rosemarie, thet, jane101 and kitts :)


Eds said...

thank you very much sis! :)

Mec said...

thanks so much sis... hopefully the friendship won't just be limited to the internet no?

mari said...

your welcome eds :)

mec: yup, i hope and wish that we'd get to see each other sometime :) sa next n@w xmas party kaya? :p