a slimmer you in 2008

When I was younger, I was so slim. My mom used to tell me that this is because I have fast metabolism. As I am growing older and my metabolism slows down, I am now starting to grow bigger. There are times when I start losing my self-confidence because I can already see fats accumulated in my belly area. What I'd do is I'd exercise in the morning by doing some stretches and by walking around the subdivision in the afternoon or in the malls on weekend. So far, there are some changes already. I can't help to think about those people who have been fat all their life. What are they doing to slim down? Would they consider lap-band ventura? I think this is a better option especially for those who wanted to experience to be slim this year. It is a safe procedure that you can even go back to your regular routine the next day. Aside from that, it is a reversible procedure that anytime you are not contented with your state you can have it removed.

I'd ask my brother if he might consider it. Besides, he only grew bigger when he was in college. I know he wanted to be slimmer and healthier now.

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