sissy's package

Finally, my sister got the package I sent her. She texted me this morning that Sasy gave her package already. She was also able to watch the video of Mark's wedding. She commented how mommy lost weight and how 'malikot' MJ was. I just hoped she didn't cry while watching the video (she's such a crybaby, if I may add). I know that if she could just go home and attend the wedding she'd be there... I also sent the CD of the pictures that were taken during the day. She told me that she would have our family picture printed so that she could put it on her table. Gosh! I miss my sister so much. We'd miss her more once mommy and I meet in Baguio for the Panagbenga. This is our annual bonding time. The three of us would watch the parade, go to SM Baguio to watch any movie that mom wanted, walk along Session Road, visit the ukay-ukay shops, go to black market for the pasalubong and just endless talking about anything... Hay!

ps. while I am writing this post my background music is I'll Be There (emote...) and this is the picture that she will put on her table. (i hope to make it look better with photoshop, and I also hope to include her picture)

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Nancy said...

hi mari..just doing a regular hopping here..musta na sis..hope ur doing well..

by theway, have re-designed my blog just recently..hope to see you there soon, sis...thanks and happy weekend ahead!