Shopping is not one of my favorite pasttimes. I'd rather stay in the bookstore the whole day rather than hop from one store to another. But this weekend, this is the only choice I should make. My sister Ace asked me to buy some items for her. She requested for some goods that I could send through her friend. Though I had a lot of other things to do, I had to give in since last saturday was the only day that I can go out.

After going to the doctor, G & I headed to the mall. We searched for Ace's bilins... good thing almost everything were found inside. I had already divided the items according to where I could find them, so that it is easier for me. Despite this, I still have to ask around... this is better than looking for the items myself.

We got home late but at least I had accomplished something. I still have to look for the items that she made bilin from the market... I might ask someone to do this for me already...

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