quiet time

We seldom have quiet time since Keisha arrived at our home. It was always a day filled with laughter. If we are feeling down, a smile in her face can easily cheer us up. Eversince, she is already a blessing. At night when G arrives from office, she'd call me away from the computer. She'd shout her heart out, just to tell me that Tito G is already home and that we should have dinner already. When we are eating, she'd stay with us in the table. She'd just watch us and listen to our stories for the day. By the time we enter our room, it will already be our quiet time. We'd watch tv shows from Marimar until Coffee Prince and sometimes until Saksi. This is also the time when we discuss our plans, our future. What we miss during quiet time is reading books. We have to update our collections... this weekend, we hope to drop by Booksale and check on some books that might interest us.

* I feel na walang sense ang sinulat ko :p walang patutunguhan... sana nagbullet form na lang ako :)

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