preventing identity fraud

It has been more than a year now since my bag was stolen from Victory Pasay station. I was on my way to Baguio then. I had my things placed in the storage area so that I could move freely on my seat. I asked the 'conductor' to safely secure my bag so he placed it inside. I saw this with my own eyes before I went up to my seat. When we arrived in Baguio, I was one of the first to go down the bus because I still had to get my bag. When the driver opened the 'estribo', my bag was not there. My bag contained my clothes, my organizer with several cards on it, my books and my Precious Moment bible was also there. I was so upset with what happended. What even pissed me off was that I can not claim for the whole value of my bag... good thing, nobody used my credit card number to purchase anything online (since I had it written on my organizer). I would have been a victim of identity fraud.

From then on, I learned my lesson. I never put my bag anywhere else that I cannot see. I'd rather feel uncomfortable than lossing another bag with my valuables on it. It would even ease my mind if only LifeLock is available here in my country. LifeLock is America's #1 Identity Theft Prevention Program. It assures up to $1,000,000 insurance on your wealth. If only I am in the US, I'd enroll now using the LifeLock Promo Code which can give me discount. I'd avail for the wallet lock. This is very practical since they would do everything for you if ever you lose your wallet. With wallet lock, you just call the custoer service and inform them of your situation. After that, they will be the one to process your cards and licenses already for the replacement. Once you enrol with LifeLock now, you can avail of their LifeLock Promotion Code that includes the walletlock service.

I'll just be an angel to my friends and spread this word to them. It is safer and better for them to avail for this service as soon as they can. They should avail for it now since they are offering Lifelock Promotion Code for new clients. This is a big savings for them.

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