no to stretch marks

I haven’t been able to post entries the past few days. I have been reading backlog emails from my yahoo groups. One particular group that I belong to is the newlywedsatwork group. This is a community of newlyweds and not-so newlyweds that tackles experiences of married couples. There are various topics discussed here like major adjustments in earlier stages of marriage, in-laws issues, pregnancy and breastfeeding. What I was interested most was the thread on stretch marks and stretch mark cream. Though I am not yet pregnant, I wanted to be prepared in case my time will come. I read there that some wives used creams to prevent stretch marks while they were pregnant. Most of them suggest the cocoa butter cream are effective and gives wonderful results. While browsing the web and looking for distributor of cocoa butter, I saw this site about Revitol stretch mark cream. This is about how great this cream works. It can remove marks previously formed. The pictures attached were so convincing. It is also priced reasonably. One container which is good for 6 months supply costs $159.95. This is a lot cheaper compared with its nearest competitor. If you are thinking of a better way to prevent stretch marks, try Revitol stretch mark cream. It is worth your money.

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