new glasses for this year

I've been planning to change my eyeglasses but I can't find any store that can provide me cheaper price for the design that I like. While bloghopping I found this, Great Discovery: www.ZenniOptical.com. It was like an answered prayer since I can even order it online. I do not have to travel going to and from the optical shop anymore and it could still be delivered directly here at our place. I found out from their website that the reason why they give lower price compared with other optical stores is because they only sell products that they manufacture. They have lower overhead expenses since they don't hire any middlemen to make their ads and create endorsements.

I'm already excited... finally, I can choose from their wide variety of lenses. I am considering to order a pair of sunsensor/photochromic lens. If budget permits, I may also buy tinted sunglasses for G or a pair of bifocal lens for mommy.

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