my bestfriend's wedding

January 4 was supposed to be an ordinary day. I had nothing to do in mind, except to bloghop after posting some articles on my blog. All of a sudden, around 9:30 am, my BFF texted me and told me that she is getting married within the day and asked if I could come with her... I was, what?! Today, as in now na? Being a BFF, I prepared to meet her and her H2B in QC city hall. They had no definite place yet to get married so we scouted pa. When we entered the LCR, we found the place filled with too many people kaya instead of inquiring if there is a solemnizing officer for a wedding, they decided to go to Caloocan na lang.

We travelled from QC city hall to Caloocan city hall for 30 minutes only. M knew someone who is working in the city hall so they called him up. Kuya N told them that we just look for him and he knew of a place where wedding is held instatly. Since they already have a marriage license, it was already easy for them to get married. We got to Caloocan CIty Hall at 3:50 pm. Proceeded to the wedding center at 4:00, had the wedding at 4:05 and was on our way out at 4:15... whew!!! We were already eating at Max's Restaurant at 4:30pm... we stayed longer eating than the ceremony itself.

My assessment, the wedding ceremony was okay. Even better than some church weddings that I attended. The officiating minister's words were more 'meanigful' than other priest's sermons. I think the essence of making their vows was also more heartfelt since there were just 6 of us inside the room. I saw the sincerity in their eyes when they were expressing their vows, though the bride was giggling at times because it was spoken in Tagalog.

Though this is not what my bestfriend dreamt of her wedding, she was happy that she is finally a wife to the man that she loves. In a couple of year, they will again get married. This time it will be in front of God, their children and their love ones...

To you guys, congratulations and best wishes... G & I wished that you'd have a blissful marriage. Stay in love...

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