missing my sissy

My sister is currently working abroad. 2007 Christmas and New Year were the first holidays that she is not with the family. We were sad that she wasn't there to cook her favorite carbonara and fried chicken but we were sadder because she had to work during those days in a place where Christmas was not that celebrated as much as we do here back home.

Ace works as a Medical Technologists. She just passed her state board so she is the one who workd overtime during the holidays. There are times when she is already too tired and still her patients won't cooperate. She wished that she could throw the nearest medical equipment near her to these people. If ever she does it, she is guaranteed that the equipments won't break easily since their supplies are provided by Allegro Medical. This is the leading online retail for hospital equipments as well as home health care supplies. Today, it also includes other equipments such as exercise and fitness equipments and maternity/baby supplies. Whenever you log-in to their site, you can sort the items that you need either through body parts or through the condition or illnesses that needs the stuff. In addition, the site also offers several discounts on certain items.


Chubby said...

Na linked na rin kita sis.

A Simple Life said...

Hi Mari! How are you? I'm missing my sissy too. She's in the US and works as a lab technician.

Take care and have a great Tuesday.