it's up!!!

I am so happy to announce that my new blog is finally up.

After many exchange of emails and chats, I was able to work it out.

Thanks thanks to all the ladies (you know who you are :) who have been helping me make this possible.

Without further chicka, please drop by anytime to my new blog.

I have included most of you in my blogroll already

but if there are still those who I was not able to add, feel free to pm me.

Please add my new blog as well (x-link :)

Thank you.

Please click here to visit: a housewife's journal :)


Jane 101 said...

hi mari, congratulations! nice of you to have decided to get your own domain. goodluck on the works :) i got the chance to have a quick look, i'm having a problem accessing it both at work and home. the page does not load that fast. or is it just me? hehehe. anyway, i added your new site in my blogroll already. i also updated your blogger site's name - sorry, i exchanged the 2nd and 3rd words, ahihihi.
i saw your comment message about the "award", thanks a lot. i'll grab it soon wen.re:meme, i'll work on it soon too.

mari said...

thanks janey :) i am still testing my host, which is quickblog. i am looking for another host in case there are other bloggers who can't access my site too. i am not really into techie things so i rely more on what i read from other people's site. thanks for adding my new blog.

ei, i think i haven't greeted you happy new year yet :) may 2008 bring you more blessings... an ading for jade perhaps ;p regards to your husband and kisses to jade.