2008 marks the start of our 'investment' decade. We (G & I) decided that since we don't have a baby yet, we should use our money wisely. This means lesser vacations and out of town trips but more secured future for us. We have been searching the internet on information about mutual funds, insurance, stocks and other possible investments. We tried to understand which one is most appropriate for us, until we read about bullion. You can avail of this in the form of silver and gold. You can purchase them at Monex Deposit Company and have it delivered wherever you want to receive it or you can also have it stored in an independent bank or depository. If you like to invest in silver, this is the best time. The demand is high but the production is low. Another option is gold. This is a unique investment which symbolizes wealth and power.

We may not have that much money to invest now but we are still finding ways on how to have a secured future. We never know what may happen to us in the coming days, so at least we have something as a fall back. Why don't you try it too?

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