baby gifts for sophia

I got this picture from my Mareng Weng's friendster site. This little girl here is my ‘inaanak’ (godchild). She's Sophia. It's just so sad that I wasn't able to attend her christening last December 30. G had his OT that time so we were not able to travel to Asingan in Pangasinan. To make up for missing her baptism, I plan to send Sophia some baby gift baskets. I saw these from blommingcookies.com and at the instant I browsed their site, I fell in love with their products. They have unique personalized baby gifts that you can choose from. They also offer several themes to match the mood when you will give it.

I personally like the circus package, radio flyer package and the rocking chair package. Each package contains packs of cookies and/or brownies placed in a personalized container. It is further enhanced by adding the name, birth date and weight of the baby on one side of the container while the other side contains a Welcome to the World Poem. Aside from this, there is also a complimentary gift card that comes with it. They also offer nationwide delivery, which is better since I can send it to them even when they go back to Canada.

I’m so excited with how Sophia will react when she sees her gifts. I’d ask Weng to take her picture when she opens it. I might as well order two more sets, this time it would be newborn baby gift baskets. I have a couple of friends who are now pregnant. They will surely love to receive this on their baby showers. Besides, the package is not just for the babies. The cookies are more favorable for the parents than the kids :)

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