hair loss problem

I've noticed that every time I take a bath, there are a lot of strand of hair on our bathroom floor. I tried using other hair loss products like shampoos but still has the same result. There are times when I feel that I shouldn't worry at all too since I am confident that baldness does not run into my mother's blood (I know that baldness is hereditary and that the dominant gene usually comes from the mother). All my uncles have thick hair and not even one of them has thin hairline as of this time... but there are also times when I start to worry that this might be due to a medical problem or what... so I tried searching again the Internet (my reliable partner whenever I need to find out about something) for a good find. I did found out about a product known as Provillus. There is also a Provillus review made by satisfied consumers with it. The product helps in supplying the required nutrient for the hair. It does not only work superficially but it goes under to the dead hair follicles. If I can compare it to a plant, it is like watering and nurturing not just the dried leaves but the roots as well... with this hair loss solution, I am more confident that the next time I'll write about my hair, it would be that it is already glowing and shining :)

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Chuck Lucas said...

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