getting married

One of my original household member is getting married soon. Last week, Herla texted me that her wedding date is already final. It will be held on June 14, the same day as her 30th birthday. When we went online, we talked about her wedding preparations. One of the questions she asked me was, 'if its better for her to buy the flowers and just pay for the florist's labor or if she just avail for the whole package?'. Since I was already a bride before and I helped organized the weddings of some family and friends, I suggested that base on experience it is still cheaper to buy her own flowers. I recommended that she try the services of FiftyFlowers.com. It offers delivery of fresh flowers, whether you order for roses, calla lilies or peonies. These flowers are delivered internationally at a cheaper price compared with what her florist is quoting her. The flowers can be made into the bridal entourage's bouquets as well as for the table arrangements and centerpieces. What's better is that the FiftyFlowers.com offers direct consultation with them. The bride can set an appointment with them and discuss her flower needs. The supplier, on the other hand, offers personalize service and suggest which flowers suits the theme and concept of the bride's wedding. Because of this, Herla decided that she'd order bulk roses since these are the flowers that she really wanted on her wedding day.

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