doctor's appointment

2007 was a record-breaking year for me when it comes to visiting doctors. Since we are TTCing and working up, I had to visit my OB very often. There are even times when I had to see her at least 3 times a week. On those occasions, I also have to see other doctors before her (for the monitoring). It was tiring and at the same time expensive... super!

Tomorrow, I will again begin my regular routine. I'd visit the dentist in the morning and the OB in the afternoon... I wish we really conceive this year na! I'm starting to wear out na rin... physically, mentally, emotionally. I just hope that I won't get to the point of being drained spiritually.


Arlene said...

don't give up sis.. we'll be doing the same thing- di ka nag iisa, promise. we would be seeing a different OB(from UST) this week and start all over again... my mother and my MIL kasi want us to get a second opinion about the laparascopy.. we'll start again pero no problem bastat this year ung goal natin will be realize :)

mari said...

hi sis!!! thanks for lifting my spirit, as always :)