business venture

I learned from my parents that it is best to engage in a business if you have the knowledge and the heart for it. Because of this, I thought of venturing into business rather than working for someone else. I opened Raylight in 2001, together with a couple of friends. The start was difficult since we didn't have enough money to upgrade on newer units. We wanted to try to avail for business loans but we do not have any collateral to show. What we did was we asked my parents to be the one to apply for it. Their application was approved but it took the bank several weeks for processing and releasing the money. The business was a success, until now Raylight is still up and doing good.

As I look back on this experience, I am just glad that we had my parents to back us up. If it happens again, this time I already know where to apply for business loan. There are already sites like afsloansonline.com, that offers business loans without collateral. There are also no hidden charges such as application fee. They offer the lowest interest rates in the country and approval is shorten from 24-48 hours only. The next time I venture into a new business, I won't worry that much when it comes to financial aspect, becuase I know that I can count on afsloansonline for my business loans.

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