13 challenges for 2008

I got this from Yza... sorry for taking me such a long time to post it. natabunan na tuloy. It's better late tant never, right? :) So here are are my answers.

  1. Champion a child - KEISHA, G's niece who is currently leaving with MIL
  2. Encourage a co-worker - its would have to be a house mate, Jon who's about to leave for Dubai
  3. Read a a great book - I really wish I could read any, even if as an e-book
  4. Do something that frightens you - I'll still try to work on it, refer to #12
  5. Write a thank you note - something that I should do again, frequently
  6. Do something kind for a stranger - every time I get a chance, why not :)
  7. Wow a customer - improve my time management on this
  8. Learn something new - digiscrapping
  9. Let go of a resentment - hmmm... can I pass on this too?
  10. Do better work - writing and time management (again!)
  11. Be more passionate - to people close to my heart, especially to people who deserves it
  12. Speak truthfully - even if it means hurting other people? then I should start now!
  13. Stand for excellence - in whatever I do
This is a good start for 2008. It is another way of writing my resolution. I'd check on this again from time to time. Same time next year, I'll update this :)

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