wishlist for christmas

Its not my wishlist but for the little girl, Keisha. MIL asked her if she believes in Santa Claus giving gifts on Christmas and what her wish for Christmas is. She told her that she wanted a bike for Christmas. Zoe (G's niece) left her bike here in Pacita, which she uses only when she gets to visit. Since it was already old, the plastic when the 'kadena' was attached had gone brittle. When Keisha arrived here, it became her favorite toy (aside from fifi and her pig stuff toy) until it broke down. There are times when she'd cry because the bike won't run properly... so for christmas, she wanted to have a bike of her own.

Since we haven't bought any gift for her yet, we might buy her one tommorrow. I was thinking pa naman of bringing her with us sa Cavite, to attend G's co-worker's binyag. Let's see...

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