That is what I am feeling at this time... God has been very good to us. Since the start of December, blessings have been pouring in. It was more than what we have been expecting for our christmas gifts.

To start with, the wedding of my brother was successful. All our efforts were compensated. A lot of their visitors were texting them and telling them that their wedding was very beautiful and that they had fun. It was an unforgetable day for us, tough we miss Acey on that day.

Dec. 6 was the day that G has been waiting for. He has been dreaming of this certification ever since he graduated from college. Last Thursday, G went to Makati for his MCP exam for Microsoft. He has been reviewing for it for only about 2 weeks, in between his breaks in the office and when he gets home at night. He was doing good with his online review but he felt that he wasn't that ready yet. Still he went for it and HE DID IT :) He deserved it! (This means that he now has higher chance of getting hired abroad :p)

Last night, we attended their company's 30th anniversary/christmas party. As a compensation to their employees, the company is giving aways 30 major prizes, 30 minor prizes and 10 consolation prizes. What makes the raffle more exciting is that the FIrst prize was an Asian Cruise for two, Second prize was a Presario laptop with printer and the Third prize was a trip for 2 to Hong Kong Disneyland. We didn't go home with any of these prizes but we brought home the second minor prize: a 21-inch television with tv rack... this is better than going home empty-handed. Besides, we were really set to buy a new television anytime this month. This saved us P7k :D

Before we slept this morning, I was thanking God for the blessings that we have been receiving... there is a saying that states: bad luck come in threes, blessings come in threes as well... will we still have another good news in the future? The ones that we have now are already enough but if one more will not hurt at all :D



Mina said...

There's so much to be thankful and Mari, you deserve the 21-inch television with tv rank :) And of course, CONGRATS to your hubby, it must have been all hard work but you see, it pays a lot:)

Looking forward to your next news.

mari said...

hi ms. mina :) thank you for dropping by and for giving a comment on my post! merry xmas :)

Kitts said...

uy congrats kay hubby! :D makes me want to take an exam also hehe :D

swerto mo sa draws ah! :D