'supposedly' shopping day

To my dismay, we were not able to do our Christmas shopping yesterday... the culprit... BPI :(

Sunday, December 16: We went to attend Goodyear's Family Day/Christmas party on behalf of my brother-in-law. He and his family cannot attend the party because he had a previous engagement set already. He can not back-out from it, so he asked MIL if she can go and bring Keisha with her, since the day is meant for the kids. MIL asked us to attend as well so that we can have the family mass together. The party was okay but Keisha got bored because we were just seated on one corner. She loved it when she had her face painted though.

The party ended early at 11am, so we dropped by Festival Mall. We were already meant to do our shopping but we felt a little tired pa. We thought of going home muna to rest then we'd go back in the afternoon. Before going home, we dropped by Save More to buy the groceries we need for the week. Since the line going to the ATM was long, we opted to go for EPS. When we were already paying for the purchases, the cashier told us that BPI was offline since around 10am. We tried my credit card but it was also offline (daw). So G had to withdraw my remaining balance at my EastWest atm card.

When we went out again in the afternoon, there was a long queue at BPI atm machines. We decided to 'canvass' first for bedframe. After we decided which one to buy, we went to BPI to withdraw... but after waiting for several minutes, the people in front our line were telling taht the machine was also offline... all ATM machines near Pacita were offline too :(

We were not able to buy anything... Christmas is fast approaching and we haven't shopped for our gifts yet... huhuhu!!! I'll be doing everything this week alone, because G has work.

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