spending christmas 2007

Christmas will be spent just like the previous years before it. This time, we will have to celebrate it in Isabela because we spent Christmas 2006 here in Laguna. We will have to travel going home by Dec 21 or 22, then return on the Dec 26. G has to report back to work because he doesn't have any vacation leaves left. Since it is a shor-term vacation, he finds this routine tiring and he has been wishing to celebrate Christmas in a different way. He wants to experience how it is to celebrate with just the two of us. He wishes that we'd just have a Hotel Reservations and have the most romantic dinner for the year. He said that he was already able to search the internet for a site that will guarantee us a stree-free Christmas vacation. The site, Hotel reservations, provides different services like car rentals and vacation packages. It also guarantees that they have lower rates compared with other booking companies. It is also convenient since they offer bookings online.

I had to burst his bubbles for now... we just can't have this type of Christmas. I want to spend it with my family and it is important that we go home this season. His plans regarding the hotel reservations can be moved for summer. I'll even help him with the planning :)

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