special gifts from good friends

I was surprised when MIL called for me while I was in the CR. She told me that a package arrived for me. I wasn't expecting any, since the delivery of the online purchase I did will only arrive the next day.

But when I saw my type written name on the cover (not the usual handwritten one) plus it was through 2GO, I knew instantly who sent it :) It was a big package from Benz, John and Kite Rana of Weddingsatwork. And here's what I got...

the W@W 2008 Hugs and Kisses Calendar
the memo pads:
one for G, with his name on it; and
another one with both our names on it...
the one sent to me last year is still on my drawer with no writings on it (nasasayangan ako sulatan :p)

our memo pads have: Gwen and Mari Salvilla and Gwen Salvilla printed on it.

this is how the memo pad looks like... syempre, I got the pictures from my neybor Alpha's blog (same kami from Pacita pero BiƱan sya at San Pedro ako :)... thank you sis for allowing me to use your beautiful pictures :)

and in addition to these, I also got a Starbucks coffee container pa (tama ba tawag dun?) ...spoiled na ko kay Ms. Benz talaga :) ... to the Rana's thank you very much for the gifts.

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