sharing your blessings

Christmas is the season of giving… I’ve been hearing this quote for so many years now. I do believe in this and I support it with everything that I can. I make sure to keep something so that whenever Christmas time arrives, I’ll be able to share. I had learned to love to share especially with the children. This is the reason why I searched for sites in the Internet that share this principle. I chance upon a site named Boatangel. This site is focused on creating and distributing Children’s Animation DVDS. Through their projects they are able to share these DVDs free of charge plus free shipping too. You can request for a copy through www.carangel.com/projects.html. There are already several documentaries that are being distributed like the AntiDrug use Documentary.

Boatangel is still accepting help from possible sponsors. If you are interested, you can donate boat that you are not using anymore. You can also help by asking some people that you know who may want to share their blessings. You can tell them that this is the best Christmas gift that they can give. If I only have a boat, I’ll definitely donate my boat too. I know that I’ll be helping people.

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