photo meme - my sunrise

B J Ayers
Out over the ocean, and it’s waves it lay,
A magnificent orange sphere, as it drops to the sea,
With spears descending from within the fire,
The magnificent beauty of the sunset each day,
An immanent display, for the world to share,
As it seeps below horizons, to end the day,
Only to share light, so that others may see,
The beauty of the sunset for all who care,
Up above the clouds, that shadow the light,
The rain, the snow, and the elements that blind,
That magnificent glow, that
Brightens our world,
Another sunset awaits, just to share its light.

I am posting another meme from Jane in her Show me your sunset or sunrise photo tag.

I don't have the luxury of time to look for any pictures yet, but I know that somewhere here in my pc, there must be a shot that I took (using our point & shoot camera ;p) I can remember that hubby took some pictures of sunrise while we were on our flight from Cebu going back to Manila during our September vacation... I promise to update this meme soon :) (I owe you one Mare)...

Now, I am passing this to Wella, Arlene, Eds and Vina. You can answer this meme whenever you feel comfortable doing it. I know everyone's busy with last minute shopping and Christmas preparations :)
ps... updated na :)

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