party to the max

This is the last Christmas Party that I am attending this year :) Lucky for me because I still have the chance to join one, though I am not working. It is actually hubby's Christmas party but they invited us again (the wives) to join them.

It was an after office event since it was just for the branch, Alabang. They decided that they should held it somewhere where they would really enjoy. Enjoyment for them was eating their heart out, so they chose Dad's in ATC. I was already tired yesterday but G was persistent in asking me to join them. I got out of the house past 5 already. There was no van pa, so I waited for almost 30 minutes. I got to ATC at around 6:45 already. Hubby and most of his officemates were not yet there but my mares, Hazel and Marie were already there. We started eating na, to make the most out of our money... Hubby and the rest arrived at around 8 already. After their second round, they started their exchange gift. Marie & I received gifts pa because 2 members were not able to make it. We finished at around 9 na. Busog and contented :)

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